We Solve Problems. Companies and Individuals are busy, and it is easy to get bogged down in elements that are not the core business or goal. We are here to help you in those situations - from a local restaurateur wanting to expand  to a global REIT that needs to reposition an asset in a changing market - we have the tools to help you achieve these goals.  

James Luke

With over 25 years of experience in the real estate development and construction management industry, Mr. Luke has managed and directed over $1 billion in a variety of real estate projects both domestically and internationally. Throughout his career,
Mr. Luke has served in senior leadership positions for some of the leading national real estate investment and development companies.

Christopher Gardyasz
Real Estate Saplesperson in PA & NJ
Project Manager

With over 10 years in real estate, one would assume Mr. Gardyasz know what he is doing - but alas, he may not entirely be sure. He has worked on all levels of real estate, from residential to restaurants, to shopping centers, pad sites and industrial property, and has found they are all incredibly annoying and that people suck in general. Yet, either an optimist or a masochist, he keeps coming back for more. 

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